Compostable Containers

At all of our dining locations and events, we use compostable take-out containers. It is a simple way that DSC can help meet the needs of its consumers as well as decrease the harmful impact in the landfill. Many of our compostable take-out containers are bought directly from ECOproduct company. Water Bottles Eliminated UWSP moved to … More Compostable Containers

Parrfection Produce

Co-op Farms through Parrfection Produce, Dining and Summer Conferences of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point sources a variety of produce from surrounding farms within 150 miles from campus. Parrfection Produce LLC works with local Amish and Mennonite farmers in southwestern Wisconsin to provide a wide range of fresh produce throughout the year. The wholesale produce distribution … More Parrfection Produce

Local Wisconsin Cheeses | Portesi Pizza

One of our many vendors for pizza and cheese fries is Portesi (Stevens Point, WI). Portesis pizza and cheese fries are served at one of our many locations on campus including Upper Debot, Lower Debot, and DSC. George Portesi founded Portesi’s Italian Foods in Stevens Point, Wisconsin after migrating from Altopascio, Italy at the age of 17. Since … More Local Wisconsin Cheeses | Portesi Pizza