Local Wisconsin Cheeses | Portesi Pizza

One of our many vendors for pizza and cheese fries is Portesi (Stevens Point, WI). Portesis pizza and cheese fries are served at one of our many locations on campus including Upper Debot, Lower Debot, and DSC.


George Portesi founded Portesi’s Italian Foods in Stevens Point, Wisconsin after migrating from Altopascio, Italy at the age of 17. Since then, he has opened many restaurants and has created take-home pizzas that are different from any other pizzas at the supermarket. The pizzas prepared use cheese made in Wisconsin and the customers buy the pizzas partially baked and then frozen so that the yeast dough crust rises slightly at theme to preserve the fresh taste for each family.

DSC also purchases Portesi cheese fries that are served in each of the different dining locations on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. The cheese fries are similar to garlic bread with cheese, expect in the shape of pizza. We buy them Thin&Crispy and Hi-Rise Cheese Fries that are served as a snack, side dish, appetizer, or main dish at our various locations.

For more information, visit the Portesi website. 

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