Fair Trade Coffee | Emy J’s

All of our coffee is bought from independently owned roasters at Emy J’s (Stevens Point, WI). The coffee roast is Fair Trade or Organic Certified. Many of the coffees imported by the cafe are imports from St. Paul, Minnesota. New Roots Coffee Company (Wausau, WI) also provides us with Fair Trade and Organic blends.


What does Fair Trade mean?

The system of Fair Trade embodies the ideas of the advancement of society, encourages ecological responsibility, and demands fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries that is beneficial to farmers and consumers. Many Americans do not realize that the coffee they enjoy everyday was harvested by underpaid, overworked, and sometimes even too young of workers in under deplorable conditions. For the farmers to gain any income at all they must set the prices so low that the sometimes the farms end up owing money.

How do farms become Fair Trade certified?

Companies must buy from certified companies that practice equitable trade at every level of the manufacturing production. International standards for importers is required before a specific price which helps pay for helping the farms to improve developing their crops as well as assisting Fair Trade coffee growers in their societal advancement. By requiring international standards, it ensures ecological responsibility for the farmers and consumers.

  • Coffee importers agree to purchase from the small farmers included in the International Fair Trade Coffee Register.
  • A minimum “fair trade price” of $1.26/pound FOB for their coffee is guaranteed. If globally the floor price rises about this price, fair trade coffee farmers will be paid a small ($0.05/pound) premium above the market price.
  • For future sales, coffee importers are provided a certain amount of credit which helps farmers stay out of debt by not using the middlemen.
  • Relationships with fair trade coffee distributors, importers, and roasters are developed to help cut out the middlemen and bring greater commercial stability to an unpredictable market.

Fairly-Traded goods: gives the farmers a fair price for the crops they grow. The DSC purchases coffee from Emy J’s that is Fair Trade Certified knowing that coffee farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their beans. Our purchases contribute to habitat conservation, wildlife-friendly growing practices, and the advancement of sustainable development for future generations.

Organic coffee: is coffee that has been produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides which is beneficial to produces and the consumer.

Non-organic coffee: is higher yielding because it is not usually shade grown.

Certified organic coffee: emphasizes recycling, composting, soil health, and protection of the environment which are important aspects that  sustainability that are both cost effective and socially responsible. That is why organic fair trade coffee and organic shade grown coffee often go hand in hand.


Each year DSC hosts the State of Wisconsin Special Olympics and provides Fair Trade coffee to the participants and their families. (Left photo)

Sustainability | UWSP Dining and Summer Conferences



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