Compostable Containers

At all of our dining locations and events, we use compostable take-out containers. It is a simple way that DSC can help meet the needs of its consumers as well as decrease the harmful impact in the landfill. Many of our compostable take-out containers are bought directly from ECOproduct company.

Water Bottles Eliminated
UWSP moved to discontinue the sale of bottled water during the 2009-2010 school year.

University Dining Services had already seen a reduction in bottled water and soda sales as we encouraged people to use their own bottles and fill at water fountains equipped with filler spouts, or use compostable or reusable bottles for fountain beverages. There have been 6 of these filling stations put in place in the DUC and 3 in the Allen Center. Also, there have been 60 installed in the residential halls and 2 in the academic buildings thus far.

A Sustainable Vending Resolution was passed by the Student Government Association to discontinue the sale of bottled water in vending machines on campus although flavored water is still sold on campus. As part of this initiative a fund was established from the sale of bottled beverages to directly assist with supporting the campus recycling program. The funds came from bottling companies and were included in the vending contract, with language that reads:

The Beverage Bottler shall assist in the funding of campus recycling programs directly related to the work level of recycling costs caused by product usage. An annual payment of $5000 shall be made to the University at the commencement of the contract and at the anniversary date each year thereafter.

Green On the Go

DSC has also implemented a sustainability program called Green On the Go that offers UW-Stevens Point students a way to reduce throwing away materials that would go directly into the landfill.


Sustainability | UWSP Dining and Summer Conferences




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