FRESH Project

Focused Research Effort for Sustainable Habits The FRESH project is a collection system for Polylactic acid or polylactide plastics (PLA). PLA plastics are a thermoplastic that is biodegradable and is usually made out of corn, potato starch, or sugarcane within the United States. The FRESH project takes the PLA plastics and aims to collect, store, rinse and recycle … More FRESH Project

Green Cleaning

UWSP upgraded to the Diversey chemical dispensing system that combines floor, glass, disinfectant and general cleaners into one system. Chemicals are concentrated to reduce packaging and solid waste disposal. This system is utilized at all of our dining locations. It requires significantly less storage, handling, and packaging. All of our Diversey chemicals are green certified with … More Green Cleaning

Cage-Free Eggs

DSC uses organic and cage-free liquid eggs from Abbotsford Farm in many of the different dining locations (Abbotsford, WI). The eggs bought from the farm are American Humane Certified meaning the farms follow strict guidelines for taking care of the hens.   Cage-Free: On the   Abbotsford Farm, the hens are kept in an environment that provides … More Cage-Free Eggs