Cage-Free Eggs

DSC uses organic and cage-free liquid eggs from Abbotsford Farm in many of the different dining locations (Abbotsford, WI). The eggs bought from the farm are American Humane Certified meaning the farms follow strict guidelines for taking care of the hens. 

Cage Free Eggs

 Cage-Free: On the   Abbotsford Farm, the hens are kept in an environment that provides the hens room to roam free from any cage system. DSC buys knowing that the products come from healthy hens that are treated with care.

Organic Eggs: The organic eggs come from 100% USDA certified organic farms which means the hens are fed an organic diet without growth hormones or antibiotics. The hens are also allowed to roam free outdoors. The Cage Free 100% Liquid Eggs from New Abbotsford Farm is Kosher certified and Pasteurized.

For more information about where we buy our organic and cage-free eggs, visit the Abbotsford farm website.

Sustainability | UWSP Dining and Summer Conferences



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