FRESH Project

Focused Research Effort for Sustainable Habits

The FRESH project is a collection system for Polylactic acid or polylactide plastics (PLA). PLA plastics are a thermoplastic that is biodegradable and is usually made out of corn, potato starch, or sugarcane within the United States. The FRESH project takes the PLA plastics and aims to collect, store, rinse and recycle the materials back into their original state. The Project was started in 2011 on the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point campus by the Wisconsin Institute of Sustainable Technology. The Wisconsin Institute Sustainable Technology Project is  funded by the Wisconsin State Energy Office. The video explains the goals and processes of the project as well as the benefits for implementing it on campus.

Click here to read more about the FRESH project.

Bioplastic Recycling Program Launches at UWSP


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