Red Barn Dairy

Red Barn Dairy (Appleton, WI) supplies hormone-free humane certified milk and cheese for various events that we host throughout the year as well as in the different dining areas at the university. The wholesome milk is extraordinarily clean and nutritious. Red Barn Dairy ensures that the milk  always comes from healthy cows from the a multitude of their different farms in Wisconsin. Each cow is treated with the utmost care. The DSC also purchases award-winning cheeses for special events that the university caters. The cheese is produced from this high-quality wholesome milk.


The rules of Red Barn Dairy assure that:

  • Farms are run by families who earn their livelihood on the farm and do the majority of the animal care work.
  • Twice each year each cow is individually assessed by a veterinarian and given a health score.
  • Criteria are measured in the milk that verify the outstanding cleanliness of the milk and the health of the cows
  • Premiums are awarded to each farm based on milk quality measures and cows’ health scores. These premiums help keep these small family farms sustainable into the future.
  • Average herd size of a Red Barn farm is 55 cows. Cows are known and cared for by name (not a number) and live longer lives than the industry average.

For more information on where we purchase our dairy, visit the Red Barn Dairy website.



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