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This Blog was created to provide students with detailed information on sustainable products used by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Dining and Summer Conferences (DSC). DSC continues to expand the local food programs by developing relationships with local farmers, businesses, and the Amish and Mennonite communities.

What is the mission and vision of DSC?

As a student-centered organization, the DSC team creates nutritious and sustainable meals, cultivates community, and enhances the educational experience on campus.

What is the vision of DSC?

The vision is to be the most successful student managed dining program in North America.

In 2014, 28% of food purchases were sourced in Wisconsin and increased to 40% in 2015. This includes:

Vendor          Location                            FY14 Purchases    FY15 Purchases
Atomic Joe’s | Wisconsin Rapids, WI           $9,871                     $13,078
Red Barn Dairy | Appleton, WI                      $144,179                 $140,784
Emy J’s/YME | Stevens Point, WI                 $4,155                     $3,570
Parrfection Produce | Southern, WI                 —–                      $3,159
Cedar Crest | Cedarburg, WI                           $34,149                  $36,400
Earthcrust | Stevens Point, WI                       $5,305                    $5,429
New Grass Farms | Wausau, WI                     $2,000                     —-
Ninepatch Farms | Hamburg, WI                   $9,295                      —-
Portesi Italian Foods | Stevens Point, WI     $38,098                $35,083
UW-RF Falcon Foods | River Falls, WI         $1,755                      —-
Indianhead WI Vendors | Eau Claire, WI      $623,570             $1,046,543

Total Wisconsin Purchases: $737, 000.00 Contracted Wisconsin Vendors: 20% local food purchases: 44.92% per the AASHE Star Report Dollars spent on local food: $1,213,863


2014: 41 food vendors | 11 ‘local’ or within a 100 miles               2015: 28 food vendors | 12 ‘local’ or within a 100 miles


TOP 20 Indianhead Foodservice (Eau Claire, WI)

  1. Red Barn Dairy Products $140,784
  2. Brakebush Brothers $127,988
  3. McCain Appetizers $74,868
  4. Hormel Food Corp $66,423
  5. Green Bay Cheese $$63,173
  6. Schreiber Foods Inc $44,514
  7. Jennie-O-Turkey Store $43,225
  8. Marigold Foods $38,452
  9. McCain Potatoes $34,630
  10. Catallia Mexican Foods $26,999
  11. Intercon Chemical Co $24, 928
  12. Michael Foods-Fresh $24,761
  13. Westby Creamery $17,624
  14. Rich Products Corporation $16,889
  15. Grassland Dairy Products $14,593
  16. Jones Dairy Farm $14,291
  17. Bellisio Foods Inc. $13,879
  18. Ventura Foods LLC $12,967
  19. Boxed Water is Better $12,837
  20. Klements Meats $12,368

Does DSC host special sustainability events throughout the year?
Yes! Some of the DSC special events that utilize local foods from surrounding areas include: Fall Harvest Dinner, Native Wisconsin, and the Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner that focuses on locally harvested cranberries. Sustainable Focus on Food events have included: Wisconsin Artisan Cheese, Bunches of Local Berries, and Apple Mania.

For upcoming events, check Dining and Summer Conferences website or our Facebook page.

Has UWSP discontinued the sale of bottled water?

Yes! During the 2009-2010 school year, the sale of bottled water and soda was discontinued. It has encouraged people to use their own bottles and fill at water fountains equipped with filler spouts, or use compostable or reusable bottles for fountain beverages. 6 filling stations can be found in the DUC, 3 in the Allen Center, 60 within the residential halls, and 2 in the academic buildings.

The Student Government Association also passed A Sustainable Vending Resolution to discontinue the sale of bottled water in vending machines on campus. Flavored water and occasionally boxed water is still sold on campus. As part of this initiative a fund was established from the sale of bottled beverages to directly assist with supporting the campus recycling program. The funds came from bottling companies. The vending contract states that:

The Beverage Bottler shall assist in the funding of campus recycling programs directly related to the work level of recycling costs caused by product usage. An annual payment of $5000 shall be made to the University at the commencement of the contract and at the anniversary date each year thereafter.

Leave a comment or contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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